The Seeded Table

Terms of Agreement 

1. Agreement of Terms 

By signing up for the The Seeded Table subscription you are agreeing to the following terms of payments, delivery, and cancellation policy. If you do not agree to these terms then our service is not suitable. Read the terms below. 

2. Subscription Agreement

The Seeded Table meals and baby food subscription is based on weekly recurring charges. You will receive a charge weekly on the same day of the week you signed up for the subscription. Your card will be charged weekly until your subscription is cancelled. You are able to cancel your subscription anytime before Friday at noon. 

3. Delivery Agreement 

The Seeded Table baby food deliveries will arrive on Friday evening. The kids meal delivery will arrive Sunday afternoon. Our kids meals and baby food need to be refrigerated immediately after delivery. It's the customers responsibility to provide proper refrigeration after the delivery. After delivery the customer is liable for any damages or issues due from improper refrigeration. 

4. Meal Selection 

Each week you will select your meals for your child/ children. If meals are not selected by noon on Friday meals will be auto selected. 

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