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How To Expand Babies Pallet

26.02.19 10:13 PM

Babies pallet all starts with their first foods. Incorporating a broad spectrum of nutrient dense vegetables helps your growing child's taste buds. By engaging babies pallet early on will help your baby be comfortable with a variety of flavors throughout their childhood and adult life. What better way to kick off your babies development than with a spectrum of nutrient dense foods? 

1. Introduce Vegetables 

Each vegetable has its own set of flavors and healing power. Introducing vegetables help boost nutrient stores for babies development. 

2. Incorporate Colors of the Rainbow

Vegetables and fruits have their own vibrant colors. Incorporating these vibrant colors engages baby to try new foods. 

3. Lightly Sweeten with Fruits

Vegetables are a great way to expand babies pallet but help engage your baby by adding a dash of fruit for sweetness. 

4. Engage Baby

What better way than to engage your baby with nutrient dense foods. One way is to allow baby to touch, smell, and try feeding themselves. 

5. Add Superfoods

Superfoods are specific foods packed with nutritional value. These superfoods allow baby to expand their pallet by trying new flavors and packing in the nutrients. Try adding chia seeds, kale, berries, sweet potatoes, and more!

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