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Fresh Baby Food vs Store Bough 

26.02.19 08:56 PM

5 Reasons Why Fresh Baby Food 
is Better for Your Baby

Providing our children with high quality ingredients and nutrient packed foods is so important for the their development, brain health, digestion, immunity, energy, mood, and more. This is even important for our babies. Store bought baby food often contains little nutrients, How? Store bought baby food (even Organic) is cooked at high temperatures for a long period of time. This is so the food doesn't contain any harmful bacteria and will store for longer. What's wrong with this process? It losses its nutrients! Yes, those nutrients that help baby properly develop, boost their immune system, support proper gut health, and more. 

5 Reasons Why Fresh Baby Food is Better 

1. Contains more nutrients

Remember packaged baby food losses many nutrients from the cooking process. Having your baby consume baby food that has been made locally contains many more nutrients for growth and development. 

2. Tastes Better

Think about it. If you had the choice between canned green beans or a local fresh green beans. Which one would you choose? Probably the fresh local green bean. It is bursting with flavors, has vibrant color, and better texture. Same with baby food. Expanding babies pallet at a young age is so important. Teach your baby how yummy fresh fruits and vegetables can taste like. 

3. Variety of Flavors and Textures

Having your baby eat fresh baby food allows him or her experience different textures. This is great when transitioning baby from purees to table foods. different textures. This is great when transitioning baby from purees to table foods. 

4. Better Quality Ingredients

This is so important. Using high quality ingredients allows for more nutrient dense foods, cleaner eating like organic, and sourcing locally. These foods also contain less pesticides that can wreck havoc on your babies immune system and gut health but also contain more nutrients. At The Seeded Table we use organic and local fruits and vegetables in all of our blends. 

5. Better for the Environment 

We can all make a difference. By feeding our babies fresh baby food we are able to buy local and cut down on plastic waste. Not only are these two benefits to your babies health but also for the environment. 

Let's start nourishing our future generations to reduce health conditions and provide thriving health for our children. 

Located in Salt Lake City or Park City? Don't have time to make your own Baby Food? Check out The Seeded Table. We offer high quality nourishing Organic Baby Food, delivered to your doorstep. Check out our menu. 

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