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3 Reasons Nutrition Matters in the First 2 Years

12.06.19 08:34 PM

The first two years of a child's diet is so important for development. What we feed our children now DOES matter! 

1. Supports Healthy Brain Development

Our brain consists of 60% fat. Yes, that's right I said fat! The kind of fat that we feed our children matters for healthy brain development Especially the first few years of life. Start incorporating high quality fats such as extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grass fed butter, wild caught fish, and nuts. 

2. Build Vital Nutrient Stores 

Processed foods which we consider convenience foods are high in refined sugars and nutrient empty carbohydrates. These foods actually take longer to break down in the body and offer little to no nutrients. The nutrients that we receive from our food is crucial for proper brain health, detoxification, growth and development, energy, and much more. Where are these nutrients found? Vegetables, fruits, protein, nuts, seeds, and healthy fats. 

3. Shapes Child's Pallet 

Our children's pallet is always changing. As evolving human's we are drawn toward sweet foods. Sweet foods send signals to our body that the food is not poisonous. In the past these sweet foods we were drawn to were fruits (that we rarely found). These days we have endless options of refined sugar filled foods. What we feed our child now will shape the foods they crave for the rest of their life. Make an effort to keep refined foods out of your home and focus on fruits as a special treat! 

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Boost healthy brain development, expand your child's pallet, and build vital nutrients with fresh, organic, and local baby food and kids lunches. 

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