The Seeded Table

3 Reasons Nutrition Matters in the First 2 Years

By Janelle Imel

1. Supports Healthy Brain Development

Our brain consists of 60% fat. Yes, that's right I said fat! The kind of fat that we feed our children matters for healthy brain development Especially the first few years of life. Start incorporating high quality fats such as extra virgin olive oil, co...

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What's Really in Your Child's School Lunch 

By Janelle Imel

 When most of us think about school lunch it brings up memories good and bad. The thought of salisbury steak gives me chills! But if you break down what is in these school lunches you quickly learn that they are not packed with high quality ingredients. We also know that school's do not ha...

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How To Expand Babies Pallet

By Janelle Imel

Babies pallet all starts with their first foods. Incorporating a broad spectrum of nutrient dense vegetables helps your growing child's taste buds. By engaging babies pallet early on will help your baby be comfortable with a variety of flavors throughout their childhood and adult life. What better w...

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Fresh Baby Food vs Store Bough 

By Janelle Imel

Providing our children with high quality ingredients and nutrient packed foods is so important for the their development, brain health, digestion, immunity, energy, mood, and more. This is even important for our babies. Store bought baby food often contains little nutrients, How? Store bought baby f...

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