The Seeded Table

About Us 

How it Started

Hi, I am Janelle. The founder of The Seeded Table, Holistic Nutrition Counselor , and mom. The Seeded Table started when I began introducing solids into my little ones diet. I was on the search to find high quality baby food on the market that would nourish, expand his pallet, and help introduce nutrient dense foods. 

The more I educated myself on the manufacturing process of the baby food I made it a priority to make Emerson's baby food fresh in my own kitchen. Quickly, I learned that cooking fresh baby food from scratch was extremely time consuming and I wanted to offer other families a great product for their babies who did not have the time or energy. 

After launching the baby food we decided to also provide nutrient dense kids meals for busy families. We saw the problem with school lunches and how busy parents had a challenging time providing high quality meals to their children. We wanted parents to feel good about sending their children to school with nutrient dense lunches.

Organic & 
Local Produce 

We choose organic produce and local when possible. The least chemicals we introduce to our children the better. 

Gluten Free

Gut health is important to us. Thats why we choose to eliminate gluten completely. 

Gluten Free foods can still taste yummy!

Antibiotic & 
Hormone Free

To nourish your child we choose antibiotic and hormone free and grass fed animal sources. 

Our Mission

Provide Children with Healing Foods for Healthy Development

We know how important the power of food is for our children's development, immune systems, cognitive function, and gut health.

Create Healthy Eating Habits

What are child is eating now is shaping their eating habits in the future. What your child eats really does matter! 

Expand Children's Pallet 

We know kids can be 'picky' eaters especially with the refined and sugary foods on the market. That's why we help to select foods that help expand children's diet with new flavors.

Offer an Alternative for Busy Families

With how busy the average family is we know cooking food quickly falls down on the list. We are here to help! 

Incorporate Creative Ways for Kids to Eat Their Vegetables

We use foods like 'Zoodles' and Cauliflower Pizza Crust so kids are engaged with their food.

Limit Toxin Exposure 

Our children are bombarded with toxic exposure. From the environment to the foods they eat. We provide organic produce and antibiotic/ hormone free meats. 

Pre-Made Kids Meals 

Fresh Baby Food 

Kids Cooking Classes

Kids Event Catering