The Seeded Table

  • School Lunches 

    We deliver Kids Lunches directly to schools, daycares, and camps in the Salt Lake City Area 

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  • Pre-Made Kid's Meals

    What you feed your child does matter! Help your child  focus in school, nourish their body, and create healthy eating habits. 
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  • Kids Cooking Classes

    Educating children about healing foods and how to prepare our food is so important to us. Stay tuned to 2019 kids cooking classes. Upcoming events coming this spring!

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  • Kid's Event Catering

    Do you have an kids event coming up? A birthday party, school event, parent gathering, etc? The Seeded Table would love to help! We offer appetizers, meals, and desserts that are catered for your kiddo's.your kiddo's.


How It Works

We know that shopping, preparing, and packing lunches is time consuming. The Seeded Table is here to make that easier! We have partnered with school, daycares, and camps around the Salt Lake City Area to provide nutrient dense lunches. We believe food is one of the best ways we can support our child's health now and in the future. Each meal we offer is hand selected by our Holistic Nutrition Counselor to nourish your child and is delivered directly to your school ready to serve. 

Organic & Local Produce
We choose organic produce and local when possible. The least chemicals we introduce to our children the better thats why we choose organic produce always.  

Gluten Free 

Gut health is important to us. Thats why we choose to eliminate gluten completely. 

Gluten Free foods can still taste yummy!

Antibiotic & Hormone Free

To nourish your child we choose antibiotic and hormone free animal sources

Interested in your child's school offering our lunches? Fill out the form below and we will contact them directly.